Psychology is the study of human behavior. The study of psychology involves topics like intelligence, motivational drives, learning, memory, and behavior. Psychology is an interesting academic discipline to pursue as it helps create increased self-awareness and insight about others. Psychology is a very vast subject and what often perplexes students when writing psychology term papers, essays or research papers is the selection of an interesting topic. Thus, this article will help students with some interesting psychology paper ideas. Keep reading the article to find interesting topics for writing psychology papers.


Developmental psychology pertains to the development of a human being from infancy to old age mentally. Your psychology paper can specifically focus on emotional development from childhood to old age.

Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology refers to mental illnesses such as major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder. Your paper topic can consist of behavioral changes in a particular person or group suffering from one of the mental diseases, its impact on a person’s daily functioning, and its possible treatment.


When writing a psychology paper you can opt for topics related to counseling. Counseling refers to various therapy treatments to help patients suffering from mental diseases to be able to lead a happy normal life. Your paper topic can consist of a particular counseling method such as cognitive behavioral therapy to treat patients. How effective this therapy is to patients suffering from various mental disorders.

Once you have a range of topics on any of these types of psychology fields writing term papers, essays, research papers, or reports will no longer be a daunting task.

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