Sample Music Psychology Paper

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Just like everything has psychology attached to it, so does music. Music psychology as it is known as is a branch complementary psychology as well as musicology. In this, the effect of music on people is studied. The effects are usually studied at an individual level as well as a societal level. Music psychology has slowly started becoming part of the various courses offered at universities as it is considered to be a branch of science. Despite many students opting to study music psychology, it still has a long way before it develops to its full capacity.

Every known culture and society has some form of music within it. Whether music is carried out through religious chants or whether music is created through various types of instruments; it exists in almost every society. People listen to music on a daily basis. It was the radio which was very popular in the past as it was the only source of music for people. These days however with the development of technology, devices have been developed which have limited the use of the radio. Such devices include the iPod and the mp3 players which many people, particularly teenagers are seen to use quite frequently.

Music is very important to people. Music psychology tries to study whether or not music and tunes have an impact on people psychologically and physically. Psychologists also try to study whether or not certain conditions can be created or altered with the help of certain types of music.

Music psychology does not only take music into account. It takes into account various elements such as science, some forms of psychology, anthropology, the study of human behavior and cognition along with certain aspects of traditional music. Some of the things which psychologists have already studied are how rock concerts and other musical…

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