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Psychology is an interesting subject and it deals with the functions of the brain. A human brain is a very complicated organ which is yet to be completely discovered in terms of its functionality. Writing psychology essays is no secret as it consists of similar basic element that other types of essays have. The problem starts when you need to select a topic because there are so many branches of psychology that you become confused where to begin and what to write. The purpose of this article is to provide you some very useful ideas to select a good psychology topic. Below are some very useful tips for you to consider:

Psychological Disorders

You can focus on different types of psychological disorders in your essay. Some of the most common psychological disorders are major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, autism, schizophrenia and asperger’s syndrome. You can choose one of the psychological disorder and focus on it. For instance, you can focus on major depressive disorder where you can discuss its symptoms, who gets affected with this psychological disorder and how it can be treated. You can discuss how frequently it occurs among women and whether men suffer more from the disorder than the women. You can discuss whether this disorder is inherited or it develops due to certain environmental factors.

Psychological Counseling

Your psychology topic can comprise psychological counseling for people suffering from various mental diseases. You can discuss what kinds of different therapies are used to treat patients such as cognitive behavioral therapy. You can discuss how effective these therapies can be for patients or whether therapies are sufficient. Is it necessary to use combination of therapy and medication?

Criminal Psychology

You can discuss about criminal psychology in your psychology essay. You can discuss why people become criminals? What environmental factors force criminals to commit crimes?

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