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Every girl has dreams about what she would like to be when she grows up. Some girls want to be ballerinas; some may want to be doctors, actresses, models and even singers. However what would happen if a girl says that she would like to be a prostitute when she grows up? If prostitution were to become legal in America, there would be no problem for these girls to pursue it. However, prostitution is not going to be legalized. This although does not stop many women from becoming prostitutes; they carry out prostitution without even getting into any trouble for it. No girl would ever want prostitution to be her dream job which is why it should not be legalized in the United States of America.

More than one million people are considered to have worked as prostitutes illegally in America (National Task Force on Prostitution). If more than 1 million people have been prostitutes despite prostitution being illegal, one can only imagine what the numbers would be if prostitution were to have become legal. Many of us who are against legalizing prostitution believe that this would cause more people to enter into this form of business which would then eliminate any existing possibility of having an incentive to end this career type. Once someone becomes a prostitute, there is no going back. This is because in countries in the Western part of the world, prostitution is related to…

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