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Security is a false notion. It is not something which exists. Life can either be an adventure or it is nothing (Helen Keller).

Ever since the attacks on America on the 11th of September, 2001, security has become a controversial topic and one which concerns all Americans. Having had to see the collapse of buildings, smoke and injured people has left many people concerned of their safety. The things which were witnessed have become embedded in their minds and this is something which will not and cannot be forgotten easily. Whether people are driving or running errands, they are constantly worried about their safety and keep aware of their surroundings. The men and women who live in the United States of America are all determined to enforce laws and to ensure that these laws are upheld and help in keeping the country and its citizens safe. In order to provide the citizens of America with a sense of security, the US government has set up a department known as Homeland Security. The sole purpose of this department is to protect the country and to protect the people of America. This department is responsible for installing surveillance cameras in stores, banks, restaurants and in people’s homes. Places which are in need of more security are dealt with…

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