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One must not forget that the provision for funding plays a pivotal role in this structure, and has a direct bearing on the powers that it confers on its individual constituents.  For example, under the present dispensation, the educational budgetary outlay for fiscal year 2008-09 was approximately $1 trillion with the federal contribution towards elementary and secondary education only amounting to a little less than 8%.

Hence, with a substantial chunk of these funding originating from non-federal sources, such as state governments, local bodies and various private sector organizations, the federal government enjoys very little, if any, say in the eventual shape that an educational policy will take, once implemented by the various states.  Similarly, the contours of a policy can vary significantly from one part of the state to another, resulting in varying degrees of success or failure.  (U.S. Department of Education, 2009)

Furthermore, the ever-increasing influence enjoyed by non-government interest groups, such as publishing houses, in this exclusive domain of public policy means that the level of education being offered in one part of a state or the county can be significantly different – significantly better or significantly worst – than that being offered in another part.

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