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In ‘The Professionalisation of Journalism’, the issue of whether journalism should be considered and whether it should become a professional based occupation is discussed (John C. Merrill). Even though journalism today is not seen as a profession, people who are journalists believe themselves as being part of a profession and being professionals themselves.

Profession has been defined as being the occupation which an individual confesses to and recognizes and sees it as being the one in which he/she would like to be skilled and take up. A job in which knowledge regarding some branch of learning is made use of and applied to other people’s affairs or even in practicing an art which may be based upon it (Oxford Shorter Dictionary). Those people who may be in a professional career have several advantages such as enjoying an elite image, good monetary rewards as well as a certain standardization of activities which may be performed by people belonging to the same profession (Merrill). This article takes into account the various elements which constitute a profession and also discusses as to whether or not journalism can be seen as being part of the list of professional occupations which exist. To determine whether or not journalism is…

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