Sample Journalism and Communication Essay

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Journalism is the profession whereby people are made aware of the events of the world. It is a process of conveying information to audiences. People often confuse journalism with communication. Both are the same to a certain extent however communication involves passing information to people in a large organization whereas journalism does not. Journalism is generally targeted towards more people whereas communication is carried out only within a narrow audience. Journalism can be seen as being more specific and more focused. It only covers aspects of the media and of the current events/news. However, compared to communication, journalism targets a larger audience.

Communication usually focuses on the skills used to convey messages. Humans interact and the skills used include speaking, writing, listening and interpreting. These are some of the ways through which humans interact and communicate with one another and convey information. Communication does not focus only on information conveyed through various forms of the media; it focuses on information between cultures and ethnicities and can focus on nonverbal messages as well.

We carry out communication; particularly verbal communications on a daily basis. Some of these include face-to-face communication and conversations either with family, friends or with anyone we encounter in our life. The things which matter in verbal communication consist of the tone of the voice, the language in which one is speaking, the clarity with which information is conveyed and of course the actual content.

Communication and various forms of it are taught while in school. Some of the rhetoric’s of communication which is taught at school consists of arguments, persuasion, reasoning, and others of the sort. These target the emotions of the audience in order to convey the message correctly. There are many colleges which treat communication and journalism as the same and teach both simultaneously to students. Journalism studies usually tend to focus on making students aware of…

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