Sample New Media Journalism Essay

Word length approx: 1200 words

3 works cited

In earlier days, media journalism was not given the status of a profession the way it is given today. Once it started to become recognized, newspapers came about which were followed by the television and the radio. The television, the radio, and newspapers were being used around the same time the printing press was invented. These 3 means of communication held an actual monopoly on media journalism until another form of media was introduced. This form of media was the Internet. The chat rooms which became accessible to people, blogs, various websites, news websites all contributed to the increase in popularity of the internet. The result of the popularity of the internet has become known as new media journalism.

Those people who are the owners of long-established media groups along with broadcasters and reporters who work for these reputable media groups have dismissed the new media journalism and the aspects it contains. It is particularly bloggers and blogging which people have deemed as unprofessional as far as the journalism profession is concerned. This is because journalism requires some form of professionalism to it which bloggers do not have; at least most of them do not.

This view has however changed with time. Journalists realized the restrictions which were being placed on them, restrictions which included certain content and coverage which could not be revealed which many journalists had dedicated their lives to. This was not taken with acceptance and so many journalists have moved into new media journalism themselves.

New media journalism can be seen as something certainly inevitable. It just took quite a long time for the conventional press to join into the inevitable; many of the traditional media groups and outlets are now making use of the new media journalism in order to convey their messages to the public. With the increase in its popularity, this is…

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