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Browsing various websites on the internet is certainly fun. Many people do not realize the amount of time spent on the internet until they sign out and the server tells them how long they were online. It is either due to having been on the net too long or the sunshine which starts to bother them. However, something which bothers me every time I surf the internet is the fact that I cannot trust anybody. People make use of the internet as a way to communicate with others and talk about anything. It is scary how easy it is for people to create new identities and making use of them, surf the internet. The development and evolution of the internet and computers have changed our way of living and continues to influence our lives. There are various ways in which games can be created along with alternate lives and identities which people make use of when they surf the internet and play online games (Sherry Turkle). There is freedom of speech over the internet. People send files to each other including porn. All I am aware of is that each time I open my mail, I find emails which contain messages such as, ‘Are…

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