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Pornography has been one of the most debatable topics around for years. There was a time when the pornographic material was only available at video stores and other magazines and bookstores. In bookstores, the pornographic magazines were placed out of reach of young children. They were kept on top racks behind all the other magazines so that children cannot have access to them. Similarly, in video stores, pornographic material was kept in separate rooms and adults always had a check who went inside those rooms. Ever since the inception of the internet, it has been very difficult to keep strict checks on children as not to allow them access to material that is explicit. Most of the websites containing pornographic material do not have strict security checks as to not to allow access to those who are not of the legal or eligible age group to view such material. All these websites provide is an option where the user has to verify whether he/she is 18 years old or below. Once the user verifies that he/she is 18 or above access to explicit material is not a big issue. How does any website containing such content know that the person having access to its explicit content is of legal age? It is yet to be improved and there needs to be something more reliable.

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