In this modern era of booming technology where the internet has made life simpler nearly for everyone having access to the technology. Along with benefits and facilities that the internet provides there are certain drawbacks as well. With the information available on numerous topics and academic disciplines, it has become much easier for students everywhere to plagiarize doctoral dissertations, essays, and term papers. In the world of academia, plagiarism is considered as serious academic dishonesty and often leads to negative consequences in form of expulsion from the university or college. Sometimes plagiarism is unintentional but no matter what if the required specifications are not met such as the proper use of writing styles and citations the papers and dissertations can still be termed as plagiarized and can lead to similar repercussions. This article provides some facts about plagiarism practiced in doctoral dissertations and other papers.

Definition of Plagiarism

The (MLA) Modern Language Association comprises of teachers and scholars term plagiarism as using someone else’s ideas and quotes and not being able to give the due credit to the original authors or writers. Trying to create an impression on the readers that your work and ideas are original and do not consist of copied work.

Consequences of Plagiarism

Plagiarism can have serious repercussions. Those who violate the ethical standards of academics can face serious penalties in the form of expulsion from the college or University. Though, plagiarism is not a legal offense but rather an academic offense.

Detection of Plagiarism

There are a number of ways through which plagiarism can easily be detected by professors and instructors in a doctoral dissertation. There are popular websites such as that provide plagiarism detection services. On the other hand traces of possible plagiarism in doctoral dissertations can also be detected using search engine.

Solution to Avoid Plagiarism

The best solution to avoid plagiarism is to adhere to the specified writing format when writing a doctoral dissertation and using citations properly to give credit to the original authors and sources to avoid charges of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and must be prevented at all academic levels to maintain originality and high ethical academic standards.

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