The academic world is increasingly becoming highly concerned with growing incidents of academic plagiarism in various academic colleges and high schools. Plagiarism is indeed a heinous academic crime and should be penalized in every possible way in order to discourage many students from seeking easier means to write their academic assignments. In some instances students do not intend to plagiarize yet they still face harsh consequences due to carelessness and inappropriate academic practices related to using proper writing formats. This article provides some keys to avoid plagiarism for students and be able to write academic assignments with more ease and confidence. Follow the tips below to learn more about plagiarism avoidance.

Citing Sources

The most common of errors that many students make when writing their reports and term papers is not being able to give the due credit to the original author if certain pieces of information have been borrowed from his/her work. Therefore, using proper citations and giving credit to the original authors remains one of the keys to avoid unintentional plagiarism.


Once a term paper is completed it must be carefully revised to seek references and sentences used from other sources. Any sources and references unconsciously incorporated into the term paper must be deleted to avoid charges of plagiarism.

Using Quotations

Quotations must be used if someone else’s ideas are borrowed to avoid being penalized of plagiarism. Even if the work is paraphrased it has to be quoted using inverted commas around the text.

Plagiarism can only ruin the academic progress so it must be avoided in all sort of situations and conscious efforts must be made to make sure that every academic assignment submitted should be original.

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