The word ‘plagiarism’ means stealing someone else’s work and presenting it as your own. Plagiarism is a rising threat to the academic community these days. The internet is the easiest place where academic papers, term papers, essays and research papers can be stolen from. Academic writing is something that is most hated by students everywhere. No one likes to work on lengthy research papers, term papers, and reports for hours and sacrifice the leisure time. At times some students do not possess the capability to write and opt for plagiarism. This article provides some top reasons of plagiarism in academic assignments. Read below to find some of the most common reasons of plagiarism in term papers and research reports.


Academic writing is not as easy as it not only consists of writing but doing research as well. The ability to dig deep and find relevant information on a given topic is an arduous task and requires patience and skill to identify and differentiate between what is authentic and what is not. Some students find such things extremely laboring and opt for easier practices such as plagiarism without taking into account the repercussions.

Lack of Awareness

Some students are not aware of what plagiarism is. They may partially be aware of copying someone else’s ideas, but they do not identify it as plagiarism. At times some students do not know how to use citations as specified by the instructor according to the writing format.


Procrastination is one of the main reasons of plagiarism. Students leave their writing assignments such as term papers and essays for the last day. They do not realize how important it is to start working on an academic assignment as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience as the deadline approaches. As a result, they get panicked and find easier ways in the form of plagiarism to avoid failure in the course.

Plagiarism is a deadly academic crime and has serious punishments because it can be unfair to those people who do not plagiarize and opt for originality.

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