What are Persuasive Essays?

The purpose of writing persuasive essays is to convince the audience about a particular argument or issue. Many students have a tough time when it comes to selecting a persuasive essay topic. The difficulty that most of the students face is how to select a topic that is broad enough to provide ample evidence to prove or disprove a point. This article will help you select a persuasive essay topic. Keep reading below to find out.

Unique Topics

What makes persuasive writing difficult is an individual’s creativity and inability to find a topic where he/she can create convincing arguments. Since there are many topics such as abortion, the death penalty, immigration, and drug issues that have been written so many times that it may be difficult to write an essay convincingly. However, if you opt to write a persuasive essay on these issues you need to make it unique by adding twists to avoid monotony for the readers.

Consider the Following Topics for Writing Persuasive Essays:

Popular Culture:

1) Pornography on the Internet

2) Effects of Violent Video Games on children

3) Drug Abuse

4) Internet Security and Privacy issues

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