An argumentative essay provides an opinion or personal statement in the essay and attempts to prove or disprove it by providing facts and figures as evidence. Throughout college and university, one has to come across writing numerous argumentative essays. The difficulty some students face when writing an argumentative essay is to select an appropriate and debatable argumentative essay topic. This article is a guide to select an argumentative essay topic effectively.

Death Penalty

You can select the death penalty as your argumentative topic. It is one of the most common arguments whether the death penalty is a proper way of punishing criminals. You can provide arguments for or against the death penalty and state whether this practice should be pursued by law-enforcing authorities. You can provide arguments regarding the effects of the death penalty and if it had any positive outcome in the past or just bred more violence and criminals.


Your argumentative essay can consist of arguments on abortion. You can provide the pros and cons of abortion. Is abortion murder or not? Is it legal for pregnant women to go for an abortion out of wedlock?

Select an argumentative essay topic that you find interesting and easy to write.

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