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This paper presents a theoretical pastoral care conversation following an alcohol-related car accident. The appropriate setting for this conversation is identified also. Finally, it analyzes the pastor’s role and how his experience can help or hinder in this situation.


This paper presents a theoretical pastoral care conversation between Intern Pastor Johnson and Mrs. Knowles following an alcohol-related car accident that has taken the life of Mrs. Knowles’s son, William. The appropriate context and setting for this conversation are identified also. Finally, it analyzes the pastor’s role and how his experience can help or hinder in this situation.

The Context

Mrs. Knowles is an elderly woman whose husband passed away five years ago. She has been resident in The John Noble Home for only six months. She left the family home, against her objections, when she became too infirm to care for herself and the home. He son and daughter insisted she move.

Her recently deceased son William struggled throughout his life. He was an alcoholic and estranged from his daughter and ex-wife. He had also been involved in domestic disputes and violence with his ex-wife. Financial stability eluded him and he toiled at a series of low-paying jobs. His life story is very much a tragedy of potential unrealized and life unfulfilled. It contrasts also with her more fulfilling life, the successful professional life of her younger son. and her daughter’s success as a wife and mother.

Mrs. Knowles is a life-long member of the church. She taught Sunday school, sang in the choir and has been deeply involved in the church throughout her life. She was very close with previous ministers. However, since she entered the nursing home her church attendance, and her contacts with the congregation have diminished. Even after six weeks, she remains somewhat distant. Emotionally she has only seemed alive occasionally recounting bittersweet memories of her home and her late husband.

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