Sample Essay – Application Essay for Counseling Program

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I was aided in my work with the youth at JB by the fact that I speak Spanish fluently as well as by the fact that I can understand and empathize with the challenges and problems faced by young men. This is one of the areas that I would like to address as a therapist.

I believe that young men, and especially Latinos, are currently underserved by the counseling profession. There are social pressures on Latino men not to admit to emotional weakness: Real men don’t go to see therapists. This is unfortunate because any individual (regardless of race or gender) may be in need of therapy at some point in his or her life and no entire group should feel excluded from the process. I believe that I could effectively reach out to Latinos both because I can literally speak the language and because I believe that many Latinos would feel more comfortable talking to another Latino.

This is not to say that therapists cannot be effective outside of their own communities: Of course, many therapists are highly effective with clients who have very different backgrounds than their own. However, in circumstances in which there is significant community pressure against counseling, having an “insider” provide that counseling can help individuals break through cultural barriers to reach out for the help that they need.

I would also bring to my work as a therapist my experiences in the accounting profession. While there might seem to be few direct links between the two professions, I believe that the experiences that I have

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