Essay on Counseling

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Counseling has become necessary in today’s society for several reasons including unemployment, redundancy, bereavement etc. and due to lesser involvement from the family and church, the central government should take proper initiatives in this regard.

Counseling the aged

New definitions are needed for dealing with America’s aging population. In debunking ageism and redefining the rights of the elderly, there is a dire need to center the care of the aging within an ethical space. To work well with the elderly, counselors must have respect, patience, and a high regard for their aging clients.

The Middle Eastern scholar Haim (1994) suggests that a problem-solving approach to the old must be abandoned and replaced by a social constructionist approach. If contemporary culture can grow more comfortable with the reality of death itself than there will also exist additional ease with the elderly. Robinson & Gross (1986) need to weigh in the factor of therapeutic intent against a more specialized cost-benefit ratio. Elderly patients must be treated with dignity


Indeed, global kidnapping has become a thriving business, and the problem is getting worse for Americans — the perennial innocents abroad. The global economy has opened up markets and business opportunities in areas most Americans would never dream of visiting.

“Business executives from Minnesota, who may never have been to New York City, might find themselves in Jakarta or Rio de Janeiro,” says Bob Hoffman, operations director of the Washington office of the London-based Control Risks Group, or CRG, an international security organization which handles upward of 60 kidnappings a year.

American companies and their insurers avoid publicizing ransom deals so as not to encourage the practice. According to the State Department’s 1997 report on “Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against Americans,” 79 politically motivated kidnappings occurred from 1987 to 1997, resulting in the abduction of 103 Americans. But CRG reports that at least 1,430 foreign nationals were kidnapped in 1998 while traveling abroad

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