What is an Outline?

An outline is a very important tool for writing academic essays, term papers, research papers or book reports. An outline of an essay helps the writer properly organize and structure his/her thoughts before writing an essay. An essay outline breaks essay writing problem into simple achievable steps starting from the introduction, the main body, and conclusion in the last. This article will help you write an essay outline to make writing easier for you and have your essay written in a logical pattern. Read some easy tips below to write an essay outline.

Initiate with Introduction

Begin to outline an essay with an introduction as it is the very first element of an essay. Take a blank page and write the topic on top of the page. Just below the topic write down the thesis statement. Now write the subtopics that you intend to discuss in the main body below the thesis. Make sure to list the subtopics in the exact order you want to discuss later according to their importance and relevance. This pattern will help you stay organized while writing the essay as you will know beforehand how to approach the entire essay.

The Body

Now you have an outline for the introduction begin with the main body. Write the first subtopic beneath the introduction that you listed below the thesis statement. Below the subtopic write an opening sentence or transition. Make sure to write the same transition in every opening of the subtopic. Repeat the similar procedure for other subtopics. Now write down the arguments you intend to discuss below the opening sentence of the subtopic. You can write as many arguments as you can but make sure they are relevant to the topic.

The Conclusion

You can reinstate the thesis statement in the outline for the conclusion. You can list down the personal opinions and possible suggestions that you want to include. This will help you have a general idea when writing the essay.

Keep track of word limit for the essay when making an outline. Avoid irrelevant topics, arguments, and ideas. Make sure you follow the specified writing format.

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