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One of the tools which can be used in order to shape our culture and society is that of media. The media can be seen as something which reflects our society as it is a powerful tool. The basics of mass media are advertisements; these are what sell images, romance, success, values, and normalcy. People are exposed to advertisements on a daily basis, be it in the form of a written advert or commercial. In a 1979 video known as Killing Us Softly advertisement has been called air pollution which has become a part of our environment (Jean Kilbourne). When advertisements are put across the media for the public to view, they tend to have severe social consequences. For example, adverts help in the objectification of women and their bodies, images are displayed which tend to cause violence between men and women and young girls are portrayed in a sexy way. All these lead to negative consequences, particularly for women.

The author of Communicating Unreality says that in advertising, men and women are not treated on equal terms; women are instead found in roles which have been narrowly defined (Gabriel Weinmann). Women are either portrayed as lower-level employees or housewives and are often found to be selling some type of a domestic product. Jean Kilbourne has spent many years studying topics such as these. It was in 1979 that she produced her very first video which was called…

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