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Freedom of the press is only certain for those who own one (A.J. Liebling). This is definitely a true statement. Most of the media in America is owned and operated by people who are wealthy. Apart from the rich, corporations run the majority of the media. It is the media which is responsible for portraying the major businesses as being either good or bad. This, however, depends on the influence and more importantly the number of contributions made by these businesses. It is due to these contributions that the media has been able to create a bias toward the person/company making the generous contribution.

The media and the press are what run the United States of America today. Due to it being impossible to report everything which occurs there tends to be a bias which at the end of the day, is quite difficult to avoid. However, the degree to which biases exists is something which can be controlled. In America, there are 2 types of media which exist; the liberal and the conservative media. Despite being hard to distinguish between the two types, liberal media in common man terminology is more free and open to various types of ideas and is…

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