There are a number of forms of job training among them is on-the-job training. It refers to the training while an individual is actually involved doing a job in a business or an organization. This form of job training can be performed by a supervisor, manager or anyone who has command on a particular job. This form of job training is one of the most popular as it is more cost-effective and helps the employee learn things practically by performing job-related tasks in supervision. This article provides some facts about on-the-job training in businesses and organizations. Read more to learn about on-the-job training.

Differences with Off-the-Job Training

On-the-job training is different from off-the-job training where an employee works in a different location and not the place where he/she will be working. The employee is taught the job skills in a different environment and asked to perform the job-related tasks once he/she completes off-the-job training.

Saves Money

On-the-job training is more cost effective as it helps an organization save money. The company does not actually have to spend money on an employee to train him/her in a different location. The employee learns all the vital skills required for a job in the supervision of senior employees. Expenses related to transportation and air travels can be saved and the employee will not need any extra tools for training. The company may already possess the necessary tools required for training.


On-the-job training can be very time consuming if the right candidate for the job has not been selected. If the candidate is appropriate than other problems related to training someone new can slow down the training process.

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