When you have a job, you obviously want to achieve job satisfaction and you want your employees to be happy with the type of work which you do as well. Job performance and job satisfaction always go hand in hand as it is only with a higher job performance will job satisfaction be the end result.

Job satisfaction is different for different people. Job satisfaction is basically the inner state of happiness and a positive internal attitude which you feel comes about when you have done good work. Job satisfaction can also be achieved by having completed a certain task as well.

Even though job performance and job satisfaction are related, there is still much debate between both of these issues and which is of more importance to a worker. You obviously want to achieve job satisfaction but you are rarely willing to work hard and increase your job performance in order to achieve that satisfaction. This is one way in which you can view the relationship between job satisfaction and performance; having to perform well in order to attain satisfaction. Another view which is also used is that it is job satisfaction which will lead to high job performance.

Each of you will obviously be having a varying degree of performance in your job. Each of your job performance is going to be affected by three factors which are:

–      Motivation: this is the desire which you might have to actually want to do the job

–      Ability: this is the means of actually being able to carry out the task assigned to you

–      The work environment: this relates to the type of people you have to deal with on a day to day basis and the area in which you are required to carry out your work

If you are not capable of doing a certain job, your employee can always train you or could replace you with another worker. If you face problems with the working environment, your employee can probably arrange something for you. However, if motivation is the key issue for you, there is very little a manager can do to help you. By not having the motivation, it is quite likely that your job performance will be lower than the other workers which could result in you being made redundant. In order to prevent this from happening, always take a job in an industry in which you have the interest and desire to work.

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