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Almost all companies (the notable exceptions being ones where no physical labor is involved) require employees to read safety guidelines and to sign them saying they understood.  Many companies include classroom or on the job safety training to go along with the guidelines.  The difference between on the job and classroom safety training are greater than their similarities. Classroom safety training often involves videos, lectures, and reading materials for the employee to cover before actually beginning work for the company.  As a Wal-Mart employee you undergo approximately a week’s worth of computer training where you watch short clips, read materials, and take quizzes over what you’ve learned.  Though some areas of Wal-Mart are less hazardous than others all employees must know what to do should emergencies occur such as robberies, natural disasters, and even potentially dangerous spills, which can lead to falls.  Classroom safety is sometimes less effective because there is so much to remember that often times one forgets something, which might’ve stuck in their heads had they actually had hands-on experience.  Also, if the employee is learning through computer training as is often the case nowadays then said employee won’t have a chance to ask a question immediately as she/he has one because the supervisor will be elsewhere and not babysitting the employee as they learn.

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