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Many athletes in the process of training are asked to quite a number of things; smoking being one of them. This is because smoking has adverse effects on the performance of an athlete and inhibits his performance in many ways. Breathing tends to get difficult for a smoker. Those athletes who smoke experience higher rate of heartbeat while they exercise compared to those athletes who do not smoke.

Cigarettes are made using tobacco. Tobacco is an ingredient which harms the body in many ways. It contains in it certain chemicals which are extremely dangerous if inhaled. When an athlete smokes, the level of carbon monoxide in his/her body rises. This has an effect on the body and it reduces the level of oxygen in the athlete’s body. Having less oxygen in the body is very dangerous especially for an athlete who needs his strength and his breath while exercising. When the level of carbon monoxide in the body rises, a person tends to suffer from reduced vision and slow cognitive ability.

Smoking is an activity which places the heart under a lot of stress. As it is, during exercise a person’s heart is already under pressure and strain. Smoking further increases and worsens the strain on the heart and this reduces the amount of blood which flows to the blood vessels.

For an athlete to be good at a sport, he/she needs to have a high level of endurance. Smoking tends to reduce this level. Athletes who.

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