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Hajj one of the five pillars of Islam is a yearly ritual performed by Muslims from all over the world. This pilgrimage is discussed by two writers in their autobiographies. The first is by Abdullah Hammoudi, who is a Moroccan anthropologist living and teaching in the United States, while the other account is by Malcolm X who went to Hajj and came back a different man. This paper discusses the concept Islamic unity in pilgrimage as narrated by the two texts.

Hammoudi’s “Season in Mecca,”, was basically his own personal visit, and refers not so much to the physical feature of the hajj as to the author’s own scholar and emotional state of mind as he performs the rituals he had been hearing about since childhood. Hammoudi sets out to explain the experience, including the bureaucratic and preliminary actions, with the intellectual tools offer him by his academic training, but he turns his comments inward, trying to make sense of his own outlook and beliefs and of how these have developed from the blind faith of his youth to his now educated attitude towards religions in general and particularly about Islam.

Throughout the hajj, Hammoudi adheres to numerous daily rituals, such as regular prayer, cleansing ablutions and, for the men, put on the ihram, the seamless white two pieces of cloth (ihram) that must be worn in Mecca. There also were rules to observe regarding the parting of men and women, rules that are stricter in Saudi Arabia than in Hammoudi’s native Morocco.

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