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The first impact of modernity was felt by Turkey which in fact to date remains one of the most “westernized” Islamic nations. There was a complete revolution in the scientific and legal procedure and thought such as the Metric system’s introduction, the freedom of the press, separation of powers, equality before law, and scientific freedom amongst the many developments which take place as a result of the massive impact of the modern elements on Islamic ideology.

If one was to witness the impact of modernity and Islamic thought, than that can be witnessed through the cultural revolution that was portrayed through the dramatically events, books, newspapers etc which all highlighted the various aspects of the extent to which modernism had begun to seep into the Islamic movement and thought.

Over time, the more liberalized aspect of Islam had come forward in the sense of women gaining more and more prominence and freedom while at the same time democracy being implemented in Islamic states such as Iran, Pakistan and in various other Islamic nations. Over time, the more liberalized Islamic thinkers have sought to provide greater freedom to women by culminating Islamic thoughts and beliefs along-with Islamic values and beliefs.

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