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We tend to think about philosophy as something that belongs to the sages – to Socrates instructing the youth of Greece or Descartes contemplating the relationship between reality and humanity. But each one of us possesses a personal philosophy that – when refined and articulated – can help us to be better teachers and even better human beings. The combination of this overarching philosophy combined with educational philosophy creates the educational design that each teacher uses to guide him or her in the classroom.

For myself, the ideal educational design is based on the tenets of both humanism and. These philosophical perspectives argue that each person is capable of contributing something important to the world and that the role of the teacher is to guide each student so that he or she will be capable of making as great a contribution as possible.

The job of education is an immensely complex one: Teachers are responsible for guiding their students to emotional maturity, for teaching them the principles of citizenship, for helping them to develop interpersonal skills, and for instructing them in core areas of knowledge. Juggling these different tasks can be overwhelming to a teacher who does not possess a coherent, cohesive philosophy. For most teachers, and this is certainly true for me, that educational philosophy both mirrors a larger life philosophy and is based on a firmly pragmatic view of the daily rhythms of the classroom, which together create a system of instructional design.

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