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Where, if anywhere, did you have difficulty with defining the approach or perspective? (2-3 Paragraphs)

The unit two activity (AIU, 2004) provided several different types of real-world educational situations and asked students to identify the best approach to use in developing the curriculum for these situations. It is intuitive that some approaches would be more effective than others would because there are many different types of information to be taught and each will benefit from a particular type of curriculum. Even though each curriculum approach seemed very similar to me, they all featured a particular way of viewing the information to be taught in a way that conformed to that specific curriculum theorist’s view of how the material should be presented. These theories provided the framework to aid learners in understanding different types of knowledge. Information that was sequential in nature required a curriculum that was linear in nature. Relational information was better represented in a social or relativistic manner. Different types of information required different curriculums to present students with the best ways to mentally process the information.

I believe I was relatively unsuccessful with defining the best curriculum approach or perspective because I found it hard to grasp the differences between the different approaches and I had no idea of how these curriculums would be applied to a situation.  For example, it would have good to have practical examples showing a successful application of a curriculum approach.

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