Anything which you have to do eventually becomes boring and mundane. The same goes for any type of job which you might have. Over time, the work assigned to you becomes boring and hence it loses importance for you. This is why the managers of every firm are required to develop a job design.

While constructing a job design, it must be kept in mind that workers tend to get bored and lose their motivation and focus rather quickly. This prevents them from completing their tasks on time and as effectively as possible. Another factor which managers must keep in mind is that they need to keep their employees satisfied and content with their jobs. As long as an employee is happy and satisfied with the type of work he/she has to do, there is no reason why they will not complete the given task effectively.

The major function of a job design is its ability to modify a job to such an extent that the employees have an enriching experience from the task provided. They should also be able to complete the job as well! If a worker is provided with the opportunity to do a number of tasks in a firm and also has the opportunity to learn new and various skills, there is no reason why satisfaction, as well as worker production, will not increase.

A job design includes 3 of the following things:

  • The specifics of each of the tasks which an individual has to perform
  • The requirements of what method is to be used when performing a particular task
  • The mixture of all tasks into a certain job which is then going to be provided to an individual to perform

Out of the 3 steps provided above, step 1 and 3 are responsible for determining what the content of a certain job is likely to be. Step 2, however, indicates as to how the individual will have to carry out the particular task. When designing a job, the requirements of the organization and the needs of the individual job holders must be kept in mind as well. The only way a job design can be a successful one is if the needs of the organization and needs of the job holder are kept in a balance.

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