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There are two types of patients which are admitted to a hospital for treatment. One of these types of patients is known as an inpatient. An inpatient is one who is hospitalized for a minimum of one night during which he/she receives medical attention. In contrast to this, there are outpatients who stay at a hospital for only a short time period after which they are allowed to go home. Inpatients usually consist of those patients who have suffered a serious injury or accident and their health needs to be monitored due to which they are required to stay in the hospital.

If a patient is required to stay for long in the hospital, they are generally provided with an estimate of the length of time they will be required to stay at the hospital. They are also made aware of the fact that if certain complications arise, they could be forced to stay back longer. When however there is an urgent need to hospitalize a patient, doctors can rarely tell for how long exactly a patient will be required to stay. Certain chronic conditions require patients to stay in the hospital for longer periods of time to reduce.

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