Sample Paper

This paper discussed the health care system issues in the state of California for both uninsured patients and insured patients. The paper also describes the average price ratio paid by the uninsured patients to insured patients which are comparatively higher than the uninsured patients. It has also described some quantitative experiments in the paper which provide the empirical evidence and the develop and maintain the difference between these two categories.

The article At The Intersection of Health, Health Care Policy by Melnick & Fonkych, (2008) have critically reviewed  and analyzed the health-care services in State of California which are divided into different classification in the hospital. These are classified as uninsured patients who pay relatively higher prices than the insured patients. Another category which describes about the higher prices paid by commercial patients , outside of California state, and those who usually come for the specialist services provided by the hospitals which are somewhat high as compared to the uninsured patients. Furthermore, one of the category tell us about the average prices charged by the uninsured patients are higher than the Medicare and Medicated patients and relatively low from commercial patients.


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