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A Greek Doctrinaire Gorgias from the city of Leontini, Sicily. He was sent to Athens to teach and practice rhetoric in Athens as an Ambassador. Sophistic love of paradox was suggested in his writings which negatively implicated the Eleatic Schools. His titles On Nature was one of his writing defining the thoughts of Gorgias.

In Sextus Empiricius one could a see only a summary form of the Gorgias written title On Nature. He summed up three propositions in his text those are: Nothing Exist; if anything existed, it could not be known; if anything did exist, and could be known, it couldn’t be communicated. (cf. Pyrr. Hyp. ii. 59, 64)

“Nothing Exist”; the first proposition of Gorgias needs a proof due to which he entered in the school of Eleatics. The founder of the Eleatic school, Xenophanes, was a con­temporary of Pythagoras. He was in the prime of his life in about 530 B.C. He condemned Homer and Hesiod for attributing to the gods all things that are shameful and a reproach to mankind: theft, adultery, and mutual decep­tion. There is, according to him, one God among gods and men, the greatest, and He is not at all like mortals in body and mind. He remains permanently the same, not moving and undergoing a change; and without toil, He sets every­thing in motion, by the power of His thought. Complete knowledge of gods, men, and things is impossible. No man has ever seen the certain truth, nor will anyone ever see it. Whatever we can know, we know after long seeking. Zeno has this belief of all existence in motion has a contradiction which is irreconcilable.

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