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Our world is a blend of different cultures and races having distinct lifestyles, rituals, and values. These qualities make human societies different from other animals. Some of the people on our planet have lived in form of tribes. Some travel and are called nomads others live in one place. A major part of the cultures of various tribes is the custom of marriage in some cases it is formalized while in others it is an informal affair. This paper discusses the marriage customs of three tribes and tries to evaluate their values. The three tribes are the Aztecs of North America, the Basseri living in Middle East and the !Kung people of the Kalahari desert in southern Africa.


As in the majority of cultures, a significant aspect of Aztec life was marriage. A young man was likely to marry at age 20, and a young woman at 16, the unions usually arranged by the groom’s family (Bray 55.) The Aztec experienced polygamy, although usually only upper-class men wed more than one wife, as he was anticipated to support all of them. Secondary wives were given their own quarters, servants, and nursemaids (Bray 68). Infidelity, however, was not regard lightly; the Aztec punished adultery with execution, either by stoning or strangulation (Bray 69).

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