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Abstract: there are many reasons why people enter into the field of anthropology. The essay is an ethnography by someone who studied people while living with them.

People come into the field of anthropology for a variety of reasons. Some may enter into it as a pure accident without having any intention of becoming an anthropologist. Some may be interested in it from the very beginning. A certain individual married a person who was a social anthropologist by profession and the following is an ethnography which was written about people after living with a group of people for many years.

The story being mentioned is a person named Adrienne Zihlman. Adrienne is a paleoanthropologist. She is someone who is fond of collecting a variety of bones so she can test various ideas regarding the origins of humanity. She does this by studying the remains of people i.e. their bones (Shell). Zihlman attended Miami University where she majored in anthropology. This was due to having read the book ‘Coming of Age in Samoa’ (Shell) by Margaret Mead. Due to Miami University not having an anthropology department, Zihlman got herself transferred to the University of Colorado (Shell). She graduated from there in 1962 after which she did some graduate work at Berkeley (Shell). It was after having worked here that she decided she wanted to study and focus…

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