Hopkins was an English poet born in July 28, 1844 at Stratford, London. He is recognized as one of the most famous poets of Victorian Era. Hopkins devotion to God and the Jesuit Oder gave his poetry more intensity and depth. He is at the same time a great poet and deeply religious man. He was born into a family of exceptional talents and religious devotion. He inherited the poetic power from his father and the gentle nature and love for religion from his mother. From his early years, he was fascinated with the beauty of nature and wild landscapes. He associated the beauty with “something mystical… something beyond”. In short, with an aspect of God. He was the poet of religion, of nature, or of melancholy.

His poem God’s Grandeur finds fulfillment of the universal desire to be loved unconditionally. It expresses the pain of the world’s darkness and the happiness of knowing that God loves the world even though people forget Him. In the poem, Hopkins says that the world is charged by the glory of God. The poem also talks about Christ’s deepest impression on humanity when He offered His body to be crushed at the crucification. Hopkins also emphasizes on mankind’s error of forgetting God and the emptiness that results. He represents the spiritual damage that occurs when a person is endlessly pursuing worldly goals. He says in the poem that a soul always distracted from God when it loses its closeness to God. He uses bright symbols of the natural world to express the idea that despite man’s shortcomings, God still loves the world unconditionally.

Hopkins wrote Pied Beauty in the praise of God, appreciating the beauty of the everything that was scattered on Earth. All the amazing and the beautiful things present on the Earth are the gifts of God for humankind. He mentions skies of different colours, falls, and beautiful landscapes which are all references to the pied beauty gifted by God. He says that things that are different and strange can still be beautiful. The poet offers glory and praises God because of all the things he listed in the poem that he finds beautiful, are placed on the Earth by God. According to him, God’s beauty is never changed because in the Christian faith God is perfect while the physical world is always changing.

In the both of the poems, Hopkins talks about the greatness and glory of God and he praises God for His blessings and unconditional love for the mankind.