Sample Gay Marriages Essay

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In modern society today, what is actually right and wrong is not as important as what is considered to seem right and wrong. There are many controversial issues which exist in our society today and for us to deal with them is quite difficult. This is because each of us is then required to determine and understand what we actually believe in and why we believe in it. As soon as we are able to understand what our base is, views and opinions of other people start making us doubt our own beliefs. One issue is that of homosexual marriages which have left our society wanting answers.

Marriage usually takes place between a man and a woman. Marriage is a union which takes place between a husband and a wife according to the customs and laws which exist in society and which make the man and woman enter into a close and tight union (Merriam Webster Dictionary). It must be noted that dictionaries are not biased but they serve in helping people understand what exactly words mean. Husband and wife are two words which describe that the union of marriage takes place between a man and a woman. However searching for a dictionary to understand the issue and beliefs of marriage is not appropriate and hence, research must be conducted to form a stronger foundation.

With the opinions and views people have on homosexual marriage, many things get affected. Elections are one area of life which get affected very heavily due to the views on this particular topic. President Clinton, after the elections which took place in 1992 was defined as one of the most pro-gay President in the history of America. He was given this title due to the fact that he tries to remove the ban on homosexuals in the military. This led to a cry of…

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