Sample Essay – Gay Marriage Legalization

5 works cited

Length: 605 words

Legalizing gay marriages; would this be beneficial for the homosexual community? (Sam Isaacson). Whether or not gay marriages should be legalized is an extremely controversial topic which is debated very much upon today. Isaacson divides people of the community into 2 main groups in his article in which he analyzes whether or not homosexual marriages should be legalized.

The two groups he comes up with are liberationists and integrationists. The latter want themselves to be a part of society and to be integrated within it. The former group, however, is happy with their homosexual culture and values it to the max. They are the ones who object to homosexual marriages whereas the integrationists want gay marriages to take place. Isaacson himself believes that if gay marriages were legalized, this would benefit the gay community very much and he tries to consider the objections put forward by liberationists.

Amongst the two groups, the liberationists group consists of the people who do not worry as to whether or not they form a part of a normal society. These people believe that marriage is something which will take away from them their way of living and their lifestyle. It would show that theā€¦

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