Sample Homosexual Marriages Essay

4 works cited

Length: 837 words

Andrew Sullivan in his book, ‘Let Gays Marry’ and William Bennett in his book, ‘Leave Marriage Alone’ talk about homosexual marriages. Both of these writers believe that marriage is something which is based on tradition. They still, however, debate whether or not gay marriages should be allowed or not. Andrew Sullivan believes that marriage between gay people is proper as it is still based on the fundamental belief in love. Bennett, however, believes that the traditional ways are still appropriate.

Sullivan believes that it is due to love that people marry one another. Love is a bond which only a few lucky people are capable of finding and race, gender and creed are factors which do not influence love (Sullivan) America is a country which beliefs in people have equal opportunities and having equal rights. If this is actually true, people whether homosexual or not should be given the opportunity to marry and love whoever they want.

Homosexuals are people who too look for equality in America (Sullivan). It certainly is not right for the United States to condemn gays as it is a country which speaks about…

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