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Freidan relates to this as the first period or era in which globalization took place. This section provide information pertaining to provides an account of the major changes and events that took place in this period to market it as the beginning of a global world that we live in today. This period starts in the late 1870s and goes up to just prior to the First World War.

The event of the war on global scale triggered trade, transfer of information as well as the mass migration of people across borders. The presence of armies, support groups and organization as well as foreign entities in alien countries depicted the change in the demographics for the population of the world.

There was expansion of trade and finance in this period. Then the reconstruction of the economies began after the First World War and the economy realized the significance of the female population as a major contributor of the economy. However after extensive reconstruction the world then fell back into depression due to the increased population and the decreasing economic activity taking place as the projects taken up neared completion. In this period the countries then sought to save their economies by feeding off the economies and the assets of others. This point marked the start of the Second World War.

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