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In the period marked as things fall apart the stage of the worlds war one is addressed where the world fell into a turmoil again and mass destruction followed the recessions in the economies of the countries of the world. This point is relevant to be specified a separate theme as the world took a down ward nose dive with the main/ prominent countries of the world leading the way.

The immense destruction in Europe, United States, and Japan created an everlasting scar on the globalization that has taken place in the last few decades. The economies of the world then started to rebuild themselves and the corporation of Modern America recovered from the blows and the spoils of war targeting new audience. The main events that took place in this period pertained to the economic consequences which were faced as a result of the war, the mass rebuilding in Europe, Asia and the US. America then found itself being isolated from the rest of the world while in order to sustain themselves the countries started to innovate by building upon their fallen economies and establishing new industries. The multination corporations’ today were finally formed which targeted a diverse set of audience in multiple countries.

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