Why do you end up getting low grades sometimes despite putting all the efforts when writing essays? From your perspective, you do your best but you still fail to rise to the expectations of your professors. This article will help you determine the possible mistakes you make when writing essays and improve your grade the next time you write essays. Find out some of the common mistakes you make when writing essays in the article below.

Not Following the Instructions

One of the main reasons to fall behind in the race of writing essays is the inability to follow the instructions of the professor. Most of the time your professor demands x and you provide y which is why you end up getting a low grade. When your professor assigns you an essay to write make sure you clearly understand what to do. What are the specifications made by your professor?  What is the main question? Which writing style to follow? If you are uncertain of these specifications approach your professor and clarify everything until you clearly understand what to do.

Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Sometimes spelling mistakes are made out of negligence and you have to pay a high price in the form of a low grade. Grammar mistakes are also one of the key culprits when it comes to writing essays. The only solution to this problem is to proofread your essay over and over to make sure your essay is free of silly errors. Look for any possible mistakes while proofreading and correct them. Highlight all the mistakes once and correct them to avoid inconvenience. You can also use computer software to ascertain there are no silly grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Make sure you get rid of these problems when writing essays. They may appear petty but at the end can cost you badly.

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