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The recent popular MySQL is a computer world related idea that is, to be precise an open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses SQL language (Ullman, 2006) that is freely available to anyone. SQL is a programming language that is used to manage and maintain databases. It one of the most popular languages uses for database management and is also quite easy to use. It has proved to be a reliable instrument of database management, with flexibility and quick processing as its distinguishing features (DuBois, 2003).

MySQL is also acting as a component of web applications and LAMP software stack. MySQL is commonly referred in combination to another famous programming and web development language PHP (DuBois, 2003). All famous websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr and much more have MySQL as an important element in their operation since databases play a major role in all these websites.  MySQL is widely used for the purposes of storing data and managing user data in multiple user-applications (DuBois, 2003).

MySQL is such a dynamic and strong programming language that it’s fast processing has and continues to benefit a number of organizations. Suzuki is one prime example of this case.  It is well-known for using MySQL as the instrument of boosting dealership sales. Suzuki uses a well-developed network of digital kiosks, which provide customers with the fullest information about their products and their accessibility via touch-screens (Cohen, 2004). Databases related to the kiosk system involves several features like storing product configurations, updating product catalogs, maintaining a customer relationship database, and tracking accessories used to improve inventory management. The use of 3D in such kiosks helps customers become familiar with the products of their dreams, and in this context, MySQL works not only to enhance the quality of relationships between users and the company, but also to increase sales and as a result, profits (Cohen, 2004).

As technology continues to prosper, further variations and value addition will keep being added to the database dimension of web development as well making the web application all the more unique and interesting.

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