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Abstract: various data mining techniques among other methods are made use of in order to find out more about the behavior of any particular user of the internet.

Table number 7 gives evidence to state that there are 5 types of user profiling acquisition approaches. These are that of data mining, information retrieval, network and statistics analysis, cognitive and machine learning. The majority of these methods are made use of along with static websites. There are only a couple of methods which are used in collaboration with dynamic websites (Nasraoui).

The method makes use of a variety of data mining techniques which may include reference mining found form along with frequent pattern (Holland et al, KieBling, Kostler, Ivancy, Vajk). In the field of data mining, frequent pattern and reference mining are two areas which have been researched into to a great extent with numerous applications of it being discovered due to the extensive research conducted. Applications of these methods include finding out a pattern from the log data from the web to obtaining information regarding the navigational behavior of any particular user of the internet. The patterns which are revealed from the research are then categorized into page sets, sequences, and graphs.

The method of making use of descriptive statistics in order to obtain information from the internet log was first introduced by Phang, Srivastava and Despende. This was done by analyzing a number of files and statistics which pertained to…

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