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In the illustration of the drama technique, the discussion will focus on therapy for adolescents facing anger management problems and are projecting on others. In addition, the cultivation of self esteem, self identity and emotional stability in children will also be analyzed. Adolescents are at a time in their lives when experimentation is an enormous part of their learning experiences.

Geldard and Geldard (2006, p.34) assert that adolescents are highly influence by their environment and its occupants and at times, there emerges conflicts which lead to adolescents engaging in inner struggles. In this case study, a teenage girl Mercy who has not previously engaged in any deviant behavior starts to do so after the parents go through a divorce. Angry at her father for leaving them, she becomes rowdy and keeps blaming herself for the divorce. However, she does not voice her anger towards the father and is gradually receding into a depression.

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