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Alcohol is a prominent issue amongst adolescents which must be dealt with. This essay will deal with how teenagers use and abuse alcohol and how this is harmful to them. In everyone’s life, there probably has been a time when they have been offered alcohol but refused to drink it. This has happened to me a few times in life. I do not like contact with drunken people or even alcohol and hence I do not attend parties to which I am invited and I doubt I ever will.

The majority of the people I know do not follow the rules of drinking, particularly teenagers and other underage people. This essay will deal with many of the negative effects alcohol has on teenagers in an attempt to hopefully reduce their consumption. However, I will also talk about the misguided conceptions which many people have regarding the effects of alcohol, what the positive effects are and how alcohol is portrayed in the media. It is through certain instances that the media makes alcohol and its consumption aware to the public; be it through forceful drinking in movies, driving while under the influence or by the choices which an individual makes while intoxicated. The…

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