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Despite the decreasing sales the net revenue of income of 10 billion dollars within the 2008 fiscal year speaks for itself (Starbucks, 2008). Starbucks though wanting to create an image of being part of a community and brand loyalty has not given enough evidence to convince its consumers of its intentions. Though the brand will continue to serve to its primary consumer base and will possibly have an increase in revenue as compared to its performance in 2008. The total revenue will not be enough to stave off more cutbacks and store closures.

The marketing idea set forth by its founder to return to its roots and simply let the product speak for itself while imbedding themselves into various communities is appraisable but unlikely. The brand name has lost much of the good will it had on the part of its customers. In the end they simply know that the corporation will look towards its shareholders first and they second. And continuing such foreclosure practices will not only disturb consumer confidence but shareholder confidence as well.

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