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In order for a business to be able to achieve the objectives it has set out, certain tactics are made use of. This is known as the ‘Marketing Mix.’ It allows a business to successfully market its services and its products to the customers. The Marketing Mix, in short, is known as the 4 P’s. The 4 P’s consist of product, promotion, price, and place. If certain more aspects are added to the marketing mix, it is also known as the 7 P’s. the 7  P’s include within it people, physical evidence, and process; the addition of these 3 to the 4 P’s making it the7 P’s.

The marketing mix is important for the business. It helps the business in making sure that the product which they are marketing is the right one, the products are being marketed to the right people at the right price and at the right place. Timing too is another important factor. It should be made sure that the product is being marketed at the right time as well (The Chartered Institute of Marketing).

The 4 P’s should consist of the desires which the consumers and the target market have. Marketing is all about finding out what the customer wants, expecting them to want it and then satisfying these wants and needs. This is what leads to a business producing the right type of service and product. When you have produced a product or a service, ask the customers what their perceptions of the product are. Question them as to whether or not they are satisfied with the product and its quality and if they would like any further support. All the needs of the customer must be met.

When a follow up is conducted on the…

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