Sample Essay

The social responsibility demands that the individuals to be responsible for the well being of the others, this is aimed at grasping the groups, organization and companies within the society together for their well being. This essence of the social responsibility requires the people to be responsible for the welfare of each other.

The salesmen are in many cases responsible for the welfare of their customers, especially in the sales based work whereby the responsibility is not mainly intended for the making of profit but to ensure that the customers are served with respect besides feeding him/ her with the correct information so that the needs and wants of the customers are specifically met. In many companies today where unethical acts are reported or a scandal arises, the companies mostly tries to sort the problems and end it completely so that it does not occur again however, the individuals involved mostly try to cover themselves and distance themselves since no one in most cases likes being responsible for the wrong happening, but due to the evolving culture of corporate and individual accountability, the firm has to accept the negative outcome and accept to be socially responsible by rectifying the wrong happening.

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